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Santa Fe Striders

Promoting Running in Santa Fe Since 1978

Group Runs

Tuesday - Track

March-October, starting at 6:00 pm at the Santa Fe High School track.

Many thanks to all of you for coming out to the track this year.
...especially the 21 people who made it last week.
This is your last chance to get one final track workout in.
Hope you can make it.

This is the the plan
400 5k pace
800 5k pace
800 5k pace
400 5k pace

400 5k pace
800 5k pace
800 5k pace
400 5k pace

That will be it for the this year.

 Thanks again, Vinnie

ps. Gabe .. I'll try to remember to bring your hat.

Thursday - Tempo Runs

Year round runs, starting at 6:00 pm at the Running Hub.

Saturday - Long Runs

The Saturday Long Run starts at 8:00 A.M. from the Rail Runner stop at the
intersection of Zia and St. Francis (3001 South St Francis Drive). Runners
also start at the Rabbit Road rail trail parking lot at 8:15 AM. To reach
the Rabbit Road trailhead, go south on St. Francis Drive pass under I-25 or
south on Old Pecos Trail passing over 1-25; take a right head west on
Rabbit Road watch for the small parking lot on the left. Andy a@winnegar.com

In case any anyone happens to have a meniscus tear now or in the future
here is a little information-see article below. After PT and six weeks of
rest, I am running again.   I also visited with a very good orthopedic
surgeon who said that unless I am in extreme pain he wouldn't recommend any
surgery. Although he said if I  had to do the surgery he could have me
running in 6 weeks with some biking and PT.  Another option should you go
down this road, is stem cell injections.  This was recommended by a helpful
Strider who let me know that it worked for him.  I also have a friend who
said it helped him with a shoulder injury.  See this article

   Happy Running!  Andy

October 18, 2018
Effectiveness of Physical Therapy vs. Arthroscopy for Meniscal Tears

Jonathan S. Coblyn, MD

 reviewing van de Graaf VA et al. JAMA 2018 Oct 2

More evidence that PT is noninferior to arthroscopic partial meniscectomy

Despite good evidence showing that arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM)
is not better than physical therapy (PT) for meniscal tears, APM continues
to be performed often. Six previous randomized trials in patients with
confirmed meniscal tears have not revealed any significant benefit of APM
over PT or sham arthroscopy (e.g., NEJM JW Gen Med Aug 1 2015
 and *BMJ* 2015; 350:2747). However, a
metanalysis of five trials did show that some patients benefited from APM
at 3 months, but this benefit did not persist at 1- to 2-year follow-up (NE=
JW Gen Med Jul 1 2017  and *BMJ* 2017;

In this study, investigators aimed to determine whether PT is noninferior
to APM for improving self-reported knee function in patients with
nonobstructing meniscal tears. Patients were excluded if they had tears
that caused locking of the joint, were obese, had known ligamentous damage
or prior knee surgery, or had severe arthritis. More than 300 patients were
assigned randomly to receive APM or PT. At 24 months, outcomes in the two
treatment groups were similar. However, 29% of PT patients had received
delayed APM.

What about complications from APM? In a U.K. study, researchers analyzed
almost 700,000 APMs. Serious complications occurred in about 0.3% of
procedures within 90 days. About 0.08% of APM patients developed pulmonary
emboli, and about 0.14% developed infections that required further surgery.

We now have another randomized trial showing that PT is noninferior to APM
for patients with nonobstructing meniscal tears. Additionally, although
absolute risks of this procedure are small, serious complications do occur
occasionally. These findings should reinforce the decision to recommend PT
as the initial intervention for such patients: If PT is not successful,
delayed APM can be recommended.
Disclosures for Jonathan S. Coblyn, MD at time of publication
*Consultant / Advisory board* CVS Health
*Editorial boards* UpToDate

van de Graaf VA et al. Effect of early surgery vs physical therapy on knee
function among patients with nonobstructive meniscal tears: The ESCAPE
randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2018 Oct 2; 320:1328. (

Jazrawi L et al. Physical therapy or arthroscopic surgery for treatment of
meniscal tears: Is noninferiority enough? JAMA 2018 Oct 2; 320:1326. (

Abram SGF et al. Adverse outcomes after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy:
A study of 700 000 procedures in the national Hospital Episode Statistics
database for England. Lancet 2018 Sep 24; [e-pub]. (
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Zia and St. Francis Rail Runner Station and Rail Trail course

Sunday - Trail Runs

Trail runs typically begin at 8:00 am every Sunday. Run details are generally posted on this page by Thursday. For more information, contact Striders' run coordinator Eric Peters .

We have received only 2 recommendations so far!!!

 Each year we honor a Strider of the Year. This is for a person that has
shown dedication to the club through:
- Personal time helping with club activities
- Advocating club participation
- Attending club functions

*Past Recipients:*


Carmel Owens

For many, many years she has helped with races, hosted strider events, made
new members feel welcome, and done so much to encourage the club. Carmel
has supported the club in all of its facets for more than a decade.


Andy Winnegar

started the Saturday runs
sends out articles about injuries and running strategies as well as about
other runner guruskeeps everyone in the loop about Striders racing in
marathons and half marathons


Vinnie Kelley

He organizes the Tuesday track workouts, explains the goal of the workouts,
gives encouragement to all regardless of ability or fitness level; will run
with anyone on the Saturday or Sunday runs including that extra 5 miles you
need to get in and is generally a great ambassador to the entire running
community; has provided music for our Holiday Parties and for the Santa Fe
Thunder Half


Diana Hesch

Members since 2009; club used their computer for most of the races until
last summer when we got our own; Diana has helped with timing from the
beginning; always available at the last moment; Not only for timing but for
registration, clean-up etc

Vincent Hesch

Vincent has also helped with timing when he is not running the race but
also clean-up etc; he also was responsible for coordinating the fast group
on Tuesdays where he and Diana started Tacos Tuesdays; Vincent has made new
Striders feel welcome to the club at Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday workouts;
He and Diana have invited many new members to their house for dinner


Mariam Browne

for initiating youth running program; co-director of Holiday Party;
timing/finish line support

Gabe Browne

for helping with timing; use of his office for bimonthly meetings


Max Mujynya

Max Mujynya for taking thousands of pictures over the last several years
and made them available through SmugMug


Peter Fant

Peter Fant for directing the Big T race for many years


 M. Swain, E. Peters

Mike for organizing Tuesday night workouts for last~5 years? ; Eric for
organizing Sunday runs for last ~10 + years


D. Goering

founding member in 1978; stores all the big stuff at his house for XX
years; marked the course for all of our races


T. Schroeder w/ special recognition of C. Chavez

started new web site, wrote timing program, did multiple timing for the
club and local races; Chris for 25 consecutive Duke City Marathons


Diana Hardy and Andy Shreve

Treasurer for several years, summer picnic, meetings at her house,
volunteering at races; Andy was newsletter editor for several years

The President is not eligible. We prefer not to give it to anyone that has
received the award in the last 10 years.

The winner will be announced at the Holiday Party on Saturday, December
1st, so be sure to be there.

Please let me know who you recommend. The final selection will be made by
the officers of the club.

You can respond to this email



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