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Group Runs

Tuesday - Track

March-October, starting at 6:00 pm at the Santa Fe High School track.

Hi Everybody,

The weather looks pretty discouraging for tonight.
Last week the 35 mph wind and low temp made the workout difficult.
It's easy to get injured in conditions like that.
So, I thought it would be better to suggest a Farlek workout.

Here's a workout the John Lumley prescribed a few years back.

Warmup :     10 min easy
Main Set: 8 x 3 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow
Cool Down: 10 min easy.

*A lot of people ask me what "fast" means.*
Most coaches prescribe a 5K pace.
A lot of folks haven't run a 5K in a long time.
I suspect 75% of your maximum heart rate is way more appropriate
than any predetermined speed or pace.

If you're not familiar with your heart rate pay attention to your breathing.
Your "fast" running should be fast enough to make it difficult to talk.
Conversely, the "slow" running should be slow enough so you CAN talk.

have fun, Vinnie

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Thursday - Tempo Runs

Year round runs, starting at 6:00 pm at the Running Hub.

Saturday - Long Runs

HI Everybody,

We'd like to try to get together tomorrow for a Rail Trail run. at 8:00 am.
Looks like we have a quorum of at least 3 folks. So, we'll give it a try.
We'll discuss the appropriate social distancing and masks at the start.
It's bound to vary based on the number of unvaccinated and vaccinated
runners etc.
We 'll determine the pace and distance(s) at the same time.

The traditional Saturday Long Run starts at 8:00 A.M. from the Rail Runner
Stop at the intersection of Zia and St. Francis (3001 South St Francis
Drive). Runners also start at the Rabbit Road Trail parking lot at 8:15 AM.
To reach the Rabbit Road trailhead, go south on St. Francis Drive pass
under I-25 or south on Old Pecos Trail passing over 1-25; take a right head
west on Rabbit Road watch for a small parking lot on the left.

I'll check this email thread tonight to see if anyone has questions or


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Zia and St. Francis Rail Runner Station and Rail Trail course

Weekend Runs - Trail Runs

Trail runs, slow and steady thru beautiful Santa Fe natural landscape. run coordinator: Stephen Sweezey.

There will be no official group runs this weekend. I apologize for the

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